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Craig Dixon



Craig is a clinical services manager with an MSc in Public Services Management and a BA(Hons) in Public Administration and has provided health planning and strategic organisational development advice to health care organisations operating at local, regional and national levels.

Craig brings to your project valuable health planning experience and operational expertise.   He has worked extensively on both sides of the procurement processes; in the UK and Ireland on PFI, PF2, NPD, LIFT, and NEC3 projects and in Canada on 3P projects. 

Craig’s skills range from facilitating stakeholder workshops with wide membership aimed at designing future models of care to producing technical documents such as Output Based Specifications, Schedules of Accommodation, Evaluation Reports, Business Cases and Service Review Reports. 


Telephone number: +44 (0)7753 916648

Email: craig@kdhealth.co.uk


Lucy Kalogerides



Lucy is a General Nurse (RGN) and Sick Children’s Nurse (RSCN) with a BSc(Hons) in Health service Management and has more than 20 years experience of ensuring clinical functionality is designed into new and refurbished health estate.

As well as good all round knowledge, Lucy brings to your project specialist expertise in women’s and children’s services, emergency care, cancer services, surgical services, and community hospital services.  Lucy has experience of all types of health buildings in all types of settings, and all the major procurement options. 

Lucy’s skills range from strategic service modelling to detailed process mapping and producing technical documents such as Output Based Specifications, Schedules of Accommodation, Evaluation Reports, Business Cases and Service Review Reports.


Telephone number: +44(0)7917 835686

Email: lucy@kdhealth.co.uk


Scott McCallum

Associate Director


Scott is a General Nurse (RGN) with an MBA and has an extensive clinical and operational knowledge which allows him to challenge and question stakeholders including specialist clinicians as part of the clinical redesign process in order to achieve an optimum service solution.

Scott has provided health planning advice on both sides of the procurement processes, supporting procuring authorities and bidder teams on PFI projects in England and Ireland, NPD PFI projects in Scotland, and 3P projects in Canada.

Scott’s skills include service and performance review, utilisation analysis, model of care development, and assessment of the patient’s environment including facilities as well a producing technical documents such as Output Based Specifications, Schedules of Accommodation and Service Review Reports.


Telephone number: +44(0)7849 359505

Email: scott@kdhealth.co.uk


Murray Scott

Associate Director


Murray has 18 years’ experience of providing analytical insight and modelling support to NHS organisations seeking to improve, redesign and transform clinical services. Murray’s core capabilities include; health and social care demand and capacity planning, building and development of analytical models, planning and monitoring tools, identification of performance improvement opportunities through internal and external benchmarking, facilitation of interactive stakeholder sessions to discuss and agree planning assumptions, validate and interpret outputs and findings, and the ability to quantify clinical strategies and proposed models of care to inform estates solutions and strategies.


Telephone number: +44 (0) 7584 438567

Email: murray@kdhealth.co.uk


Dr Carol-Lynne Lloyd



Carol-Lynne is a qualified doctor. Having trained at Birmingham University and completed her clinical training in a number of acute trusts and GP practices.  Carol-Lynne is able to combine her clinical and health planning knowledge to assist clinical teams in describing their vision for clinical services into a design brief.  Her understanding of the design process enables her to interpret clinical requirements in a form that design teams can provide innovative design solutions.

Carol-Lynne is able to use her clinical knowledge and experience to work through models of care with clinical teams, and explore new ways of working.  She uses an analysis of patient flows and throughput, related to detailed capacity planning to understand the space requirements of the departments within the schemes. 


Email: carol-lynne@kdhealth.co.uk


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